Sopockie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum (Autonomic Middle School of Sopot)

Sopockie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum (Autonomic Middle School of Sopot) is located in the centre of Sopot in a modern well-maintained building. Situated near the main city road, Al. Niepodległości, as well as Sopot railway station, the school enables young students not only from Sopot but also from the adjacent Gdańsk and Gdynia to travel to school easily.
Students have a computer lab, interactive boards, modern classrooms, a school library, two recently added gyms, a school sports field, a climbing wall and a school canteen at their disposal.



Aims and values

Providing excellent learning conditions the school aims for its learners to:
– feel safe and valued as part of a caring community
– be polite and courteous
– understand and respect diversity
– develop a sense of self esteem: be well-balanced and healthy individuals
–  learn to respect the traditions and history of our country

We help to make the right choices

The school offers consultations with school psychologists from Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna “Osiek” (Psychological-pedagogical counselling service “Osiek”) to recognise learners' interests and abilities. The school caters for individual needs by creating a relevant curriculum in which students can actively participate. Analysing students' marks, final tests and examination results as well as their participation in extra-curricular activities enables us to help our learners to plan their future education which they can continue at our Sopockie Liceum Autonomiczne (Autonomic High School of Sopot).


Apart from assisting students, teachers and parents, Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna “Osiek” (Psychological-pedagogical counselling service “Osiek”) organizes regular classes teaching team work, communication skills, learning techniques, self-esteem, stress management, career planning, addiction prevention etc.

Professional teaching staff

Our teachers take part in numerous courses and are constantly developing their skills. What is more, they are always willing to support young learners on their way to knowledge and maturity.

Foreign languages

Our students learn two compulsory languages – English (5 lessons per week) and German (3 lessons per week). If required, teachers come to students’ assistance in passing foreign language certificates – FCE, CAE, CPE or ZD. Additionally, each student can choose French, Spanish or Latin as an optional foreign language.


Taking part in 4 classes a week, each student can choose from a wide range of physical education
activities such as: healthy growth and development programme, swimming (with elements of lifesaving techniques), aerobics, modern dance, football, volleyball or basketball.

Extra curricular activities

Depending on the interests of our students, the following extra curricular activities are on offer: preparation for Ministry of Education tests, Philosophy class, the History of Art class,
Ethics class, Maths workshop, Biology class, Astronomy workshop, Tourist club, Photography club and individual classes.

Beyond School Education

Our students participate in numerous lectures and workshops organized in cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk University, Gdańsk Medical University and  Gdynia Aquarium. We also visit Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia theatres, cinemas and museums.

Projects and educational programmes

Currently our school is taking part in a charity project ‘Global School,’ teaching young people to
be proactive in responsibilities towards society, and in an international programme ‘Lattitude
Global Volunteering’ which stimulates using foreign languages . Moreover, our students have joined in ‘Junior’ programme volunteering to help younger children do homework and learn more effectively.